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Welcome to Grumpypup's Catalogs For Sale section. Fishing tackle catalogs are a valuable source of information and a welcome addition to any collector's library.

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Baitcasting catalog
1937 Creek Chub catalog
1947 South Bend catalog
1948 Netcraft catalog

Baitcasting- Outdoor Life

1927, VG+, $10

Creek Chub Bait Co.

1937, VG+, SOLD

South Bend

1947, EX+, $35

Popular Netcraft

1948, VG+, $10

Fishing Facts catalog
1948 South Bend catalog
Shooting Facts catalog
1949 South Bend catalog

Fishing Facts- Outdoor Life

1927, VG+, $10

South Bend

1948, EX-, $25

Shooting Facts- Outdoor Life

1928, VG+, $10

South Bend

1949, EX, $30

1953 South Bend catalog
Parker Distributors catalog
Salt Water Game Fishes
Yellowstone Fishes

South Bend

1953, EX-, $10

Parker Distributors

1963, EX-, $10

Salt Water Game Fishes

1951, EX-, $10

Yellowstone Fishes

1939, EX-, $20