Here are a few of the best vintage fishing tackle websites

South Bend icon

Joe's Old Lures

Lure Lore icon

Lure Lore

Heddon icon

Tackle Collecting

CCBCO icon

Creek Speak

Pflueger icon

Antique Lures

Tough Lures icon

Tough Lures

Bagley's icon

Colors of Bagley's

Paw Paw icon

Tall Pines Tackle Shop

Gayle icon

Antique Fishing Lures

PA license icon

Fishing Collectibles

tackle icon

Early Fishing Lures

books icon

My Bait Shop

Angling Artifacts icon

Angling Artifacts

Tackle Treasures icon

Tackle Treasures

WriMac icon

Sam's Fishing Shack

Frazier Mtn Flyfishing icon

Frazier Mtn Fly Fishing

Mr Lurebox icon

Mr. Lurebox

Don's Frogs icon

Don's Frogs

Zig Wag Page icon

The Zig-Wag Page

Darwin's Bombers icon

Darwin's Bombers