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Welcome to Grumpypup's Lures For Sale section. Come on in and take a look around. You'll find not only vintage and collectible lures, but fly rod lures and  modern lures to fish with.

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midget dingbat
Heddon mouse
CCBCO 7438

CCBCO 5238

Baby Dingbat, pearl, EX-, $150

Paw Paw Dreadnaught

EX+, $225

Heddon Mouse

EX- w/box, $75

CCBCO 7438

Surfster with Striper Pikie body, NIB, $350

hair mouse

South Bend Plunk-oreno

EX+, $80

Paw Paw Platypus

EX-, $165

Paw Paw Hair Mouse

EX, $135

Heddon Deep-o-diver

VG, $35

Baby Gamefisher
Creek Chub Beetle
Heddon Luny Frog

Baby Gamefisher

VG+, $25

CCBCO 3853

Orange Beetle, EX+, $125

South Bend Plunk-oreno

EX, $75

Heddon 3509BB

Luny Frog, EX- w/DLBB, $125